May 18, 2014

It's time for citizens to let their voices be heard without fear of repercussion


Last week I asked our readers to submit letters detailing what they would like to see changed in Chickasha. This request was met with some success, but sadly I was given permission to print only one correspondence. 

The other writers asked their letters not be included for publication. 

Now, I understand writing something that may be construed as controversial no matter how much you believe in it can be daunting. The fear of judgement and chastisement is always a possibility. 

It is critically important to overcome these fears though. I firmly believe our current city and county leaders legitimately have the citizens best interests at heart on most issues, but they are not telepathic. They need citizen communication, whether it be by way of the paper or standing up during a city council meeting to express a message. This action will create community and can spread the fires of change  better than complaints that are for my eyes only. 

Chickasha is at a crucial point in its history. The population has remained virtually the same for decades, but a legitimate economic boom could vastly change the face of this city. 

This edition contains a story detailing work by another large energy company in southwest Grady County. Expansion is planned and underway. 

The current residents of this area need to decide how we as a community will proceed. Our leaders will continue to make decisions with the best interests of Chickasha's citizens at heart, but they may not make those decisions in a manner the citizens feel appropriate. Now is the time to stand up and express your likes, your hopes and your problems with our community.

The change is coming. How that change will inevitably look is up to those who reside in 73018 and 73023.

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