April 8, 2014

Council votes down Pondridge rezoning


The Chickasha City Council voted against rezoning property along Pondridge Road from single-family to multiple-ownership homes last night, and elected to consider funding the spay/neuter program.

The council voted 5-3 against rezoning the area along Pondridge Road, with Councilmembers Jonn Toland, John Jernigan and Howard Carpenter dissenting.

Councilwoman Phylis Steelman and Carpenter expressed concern about the plans they'd received from developers, while Toland expressed optimism.

Beverly Thrsen said the area on Pondridge Road is well-kept and she worried the rezoning would affect the quality of the neighborhood.

"It's very pastural, very well taken care of," Thrsen said. "[The rezoning would] change the character of the area."

Councilwoman Phylis Steelman echoed the citizens' concerns and said she worried the rezoning would increase traffic and otherwise affect the community.

"Each time we've been presented something different," Steelman said. "We absolutely have to stay on top of this in terms of what is built…I realize it's a fairly peaceful, quiet's going to increase traffic…Housing is at a premium and I've noticed that.

Carpenter said it's important to closely monitor the developers plans if the issue passed.

"If this passes and we rezone it…I want some kind of guarantee that we stay on top of [the plans] and the council won't let anyone deviate from what they presented to us to build."

Toland expressed optimism that the city and developers could work with homeowners to make the rezoning successful.

"This is an important issue for the city of Chickasha…I'm trying to get additional residences for people coming into Chickasha, but also protect the citizens…[it's important] to advance the city and cooperate with the citizens already here,'" Toland said. "I think they can make comparable housing [to the existing housing] even if it's multiple ownership."

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