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February 24, 2013

Blog: Colorful app has the lowdown on hue

— Last week I reviewed Sound Uncovered app by Exploratorium, this week I'm taking things in a more visual direction with Color Uncovered.

Like Sound Uncovered, Color Uncovered is an app with both articles as well as interactive segments. It has the same quirky yet thoughtful vibe.

In Sound Uncovered, app users can guess what sound is being described. The same is done with this app, but with, heh, color.

I liked that whoever did the interviews for this segment didn't push for the same "trees and go" for green or "apples and lipstick" for red. You also get to learn cool facts about colors, like how red and purple were once made from crushed up bugs.

Probably because I'm more into audibles than visuals, Color Uncovered just didn't have the same magic for me as Sound Uncovered. Still, it's a fun app and definitely worth checking out.

I wonder if this will be it for Exploratorium's senses series. Maybe in a few generations of iPads down the line, we will have Taste Uncovered or Smell Uncovered.

I can't help but hope not.

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