November 22, 2013

Alleged pizza pie pot peddler arrested while delivering munchies

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star


A Pizza Hut delivery man was arrested while delivering a pie, and charged with intent to distribute marijuana late Wednesday night. 

Chickasha Police Sgt. Jeremy Alexander made contact with 19-year-old Thomas Hobgood after he observed Hobgood's car weaving in and out of lanes of traffic. 

"When he (Hobgood) rolled his driver's window down I immediately smelled a strong odor of burn marijuana," said Alexander. "Hobgood told me that he was just a pizza delivery driver for Pizza Hut on 4th Street and he was making a delivery."

Hobgood was dressed in his Pizza Hut uniform and a pizza was sitting on the passenger's seat, said Alexander. 

"I asked him how much marijuana he had smoked and Hobgood told me he only smoked a 'blunt,'" said Alexander. "Hobgood said he regularly smokes marijuana while making pizza deliveries." 

Alexander said there were multiple other signs that led him to believe Hobgood was too intoxicated to operate a vehicle safely. 

"Hobgood's eyes were bloodshot and glassy along with his speech being slurred," said Alexander. "Hobgood was lethargic and very jolly." 

Hobgood had a green film on his tongue, according to Alexander. Hobgood said he put the joint he was smoking out while driving in front of Alexander. 

Later, Alexander conducted an inventory of the vehicle. He said he found five plastic baggies containing marijuana in the glove compartment. Alexander said he knew the drugs were packaged in a fashion that was ready to be sold. 

"Hobgood told me the three small baggies were worth $20 each, the medium sized baggie was $80 and the large baggie was $150," said Alexander. "Hobgood told me he sells marijuana because it's the cheapest way to smoke marijuana and not spend a lot of money on it."

Hobgood said he only had one person lined up to buy the drugs when he got off work, according to Alexander. 

Hobgood was booked into the Grady County Jail for knowingly transporting a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute, possession of drug paraphernalia and traffic citations.