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November 11, 2012

Seized horses get new company

CHICKASHA — Horses seized during an August raid in Lindsay received some company this month.

"We got some new horses that are part of Secretariat's blood line," Sirena, the woman who adopted several of Lindsay horses said. Her last name has been omitted to protect the animals.

She said the new horses were in such bad condition that their skins was literally hanging off of their bones.

"We just got a phone call asking if I was interested in taking in some new horses," Sirena said.

The owner showed up with a four horse trailer that he gave to Sirena and her family.

"They only had 10 to acres to graze and their were 15 horses," Sirena said. "It was so sad. It was nothing, but dirt down there."

Sirena said the owner did give them some hay, but it was not of good stock.

Among the new animals were a mother and her baby, but the mother was too weak to survive.

"The mama tripped and fell, but couldn't get back up," Sirena said. "I stayed with her all night, but she passed."

The baby is doing just fine though and Sirena's five-year-old daughter Maddie has given the young colt a name, Buttons.

The new horses are integrating well with those that were seized in the Lindsay raid according to Sirena.

"They're all doing fabulous," she said. "The Lindsay horses are letting the new horses know who is boss."

The animals are doing so well that Sirena has had to cut back on their food.

"They're all so fat now," she said. "They all look pregnant."

Lady, the pregnant Appaloosa, is starting to really show according to Sirena.

"She was eating so many apples that she was drooling over me," she said. "She is still madly in love with my husband."

Lady has been very busy eating all of the other animal's food according to Sirena.

Lady's pregnancy is coming along just fine according to Sirena.

Part three of a 12 part series following some of the horses seized in Lindsay

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