August 24, 2013

Tuttle move will save sheriff's office money

The Express-Star


A new move will add a $12,000 a year savings to Sheriff Jim Weir's budget. 

The Tuttle office of the Grady County Sheriff's Office will move to what was a fire fighter training facility, said Weir. 

“It’s going to save me about $12, 000 a year, that’s half a car or just about half a deputy’s salary,” Weir said. 

With a few more savings the department could hire another deputy, said Weir.

The new office will be located on the 900 block of Sara Road in Tuttle.

“We still wanted a place in Tuttle city limits, we really wanted a place out in the county area,” Weir said. “The sheriffs North annex used to be in a mobile home by the Bridge Creek Fire Department. Years ago, because of funding they couldn’t afford to keep it, so the sheriff let it go and gave it to the fire department.”

The old mobile home where the sheriff's office used to be located will be the new location.

“The fire department used the facility for training for several years,” Weir said. "They knew we were looking for another place because of my limited budget.”

Weir said his department won't have to pay anything as the fire department plans to pay for all the utilities, phone bill and the Internet service.