November 13, 2013

Local teachers interpret state ranking system

Jessica Lane, Staff Writer,
The Express-Star


The A-F State Report Cards have left some Chickasha Public School principals feeling like they are trying to hit a moving target. 

As a district, Chickasha Public Schools received a 2.66, or a C. The state benchmark, Robyn Morse, Assistant Superintendent said, is a C at 71 percent. 

Each Chickasha Public School site principal presented the results of their A-F report card at the Chickasha School Board Meeting on Nov. 11. 

Grand Ave. Elementary received a B-. Lincoln Elementary received a C+. Bill Wallace Early Childhood Center received a C-. Chickasha Middle School received a C+. Chickasha High School received an A. 

Tressa Meeks, principal of Bill Wallace Early Childhood Center, said that not obtaining the attendance bonus points hurt the school's letter grade. The school needed a 94, but just missed it at a 92.61. The points would have brought  Bill Wallace Early Childhood Center's score up to a B instead of a C. 

Mickey Edwards, principal of Grand Ave. Elementary, presented the rundown of the school's score. 

Grand did receive the ten bonus points for attendance. Edwards cited incentives as helpful strategies, such as popsicle parties on Fridays. 

Sheila Wilson, principal of Lincoln Elementary, said the school did receive the bonus points for attendance. Wilson said that the school's writing score, at 72, was high compared to the rest of the state, which generally scored low in writing. 

Dan Turner, Chickasha Middle School principal, said that he was happy with the school's score. The report card grading system, he said, has been difficult to navigate.

"I feel like we've been aiming at a target moving all around," Turner said.  

Turner said that the school wants to do better and remedial students who need help. 

"We're happy–not all the way–we want to continue to work on it." 

Beth Edwards, principal of Chickasha High School, presented the background for the school's A. Monitoring students closely and intervening as soon as possible have been instrumental in obtaining an A, Edwards said. Holding meetings to address problems with dropouts have also helped to raise the school's score. 

Morse said that she was happy overall with the district as well as the individual schools' score. 

"We have a lot to celebrate. Overall as a district I'm very, very proud."