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November 8, 2013

Attempted Wednesday Walmart theft results in 2 arrests



Officer Chad King arrived on the scene shortly after. Upon reviewing security video of the incident, King said the other suspect appeared to be James Brookshire. Rahlf said he knew Brookshire lives at 1327 W. Dakota Ave. from a previous incident. 

Rahlf located Brookshire at the residence. 

"Brookshire tried to say he was unaware that Conner was going to steal the merchandise. I advised Brookshire that his statement is different from what the video showed us. Brookshire then told me that Conner talked him into going and helping. I placed Brookshire under arrest and transported him to the Grady County Jail where he was booked in for grand larceny," Rahlf said. 

Conner was booked into the jail for grand larceny and public intoxication.

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