August 30, 2013

HSI Sensing top brass shakes up band

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star


Leadership at HSI Sensing may look like it's switched hands, but recent title changes are no reason to fear a changing of the guard, said new President Ryan Posey. 

"This is really kind of a natural evolution," Posey said. "My dad, who previously served as the president, has taken on the role of Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technical Officer. This really gives him the opportunity to free himself from any management duties, and keeps him focused on product development and engineering." 

Ryan Posey said this will give his father, David, the chance to develop  HSI's technology, as well as their recently acquired subsidiary, Genisco Filters. 

"It will also allow me to use my time to craft strategy and develop business, which are things I am better at," said Ryan Posey. 

Travis Poesy will move into the role of Vice President of Business and Development, which more accurately suits his talents, according to Ryan Posey. 

"This move is really all about lining up the titles with the way we have all fallen into our niches," he said. "There hasn't been a lot of internal change." 

HSI also added a new member to their team this week in Travis Graham as the company's sales manager. 

A release from HSI states Graham will be responsible for leading all sales and distribution development efforts. 

“Travis brings with him a tremendous amount of experience managing and nurturing customer and distributor relationships,” said Ryan Posey. “His leadership in these areas should be an invaluable part of our growth moving forward.”

Graham said he appreciates HSI’s ability to pay attention to each customer’s situation. 

“Our team takes the time to sit down and understand what the customer needs, and then put together custom solutions to meet those needs," he said. “If we can understand the customer’s objectives, and then begin to align our objectives with theirs, everybody wins."

Ryan Posey said HSI does have a few more businesses in their pipeline they may look to acquire, but nothing definite as of yet. 

"We don't want to spread ourselves too thin," he said. 

There are some new technological advances that are in the design and prototype phase as well, but nothing is ready for release, said Ryan Posey.