August 25, 2013

Ground broken on Minco education center

The Express-Star


With golden shovels ready, the Minco community met to break ground at the site where the new Minco School will be built. 

"It will bring growth to our community," Kevin Sims, Superintendent of Minco Public Schools, said. 

Sims thanked the families, members of the community, school staff and the Becky family, who owned the land the school will be built on.

He said that the day was dedicated to "those who have passed, current students and students who will go to this new school," 

Mayor Watson Mitchell, Minco City Council members, Minco Chamber of Commerce, the Minco Education Foundation, the Minco School Board members, local businesses, banks and Representatives David Perryman and Ron Justice were in attendance for the historic day. 

Don McMahon, Minco School Board President, said this was a sign of Minco's "commitment to expanding."  He thanked Larry and Marilyn Becky and said he has enjoyed working with them and looked forward to working with them in the future. He discussed plans to make improvements to the football field and the auditorium. 

Reverend Jim Ross, of Minco Church of Christ and past Minco School Board Member made the closing remarks. He said that several bonds had failed in the 1980s, and it was good to see one passed recently. He thanked the community and the taxpayers. 

Sims said he was happy about how the ceremony went. 

"It’s a great day for Minco and the students of Minco. The kids, parents everybody seemed really into it," he said. "This is only the start."