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July 30, 2013

Weekend domestic violence arrest has evidence of vulgar strangulation

CHICKASHA — A domestic violence call on July 27 yielded an arrest, and evidence of assault by strangulation.

Chickasha Officer Clayton Hobbs responded to the call on Parkway Drive in Chickasha and upon arriving found a female victim who claimed Joshua Francis assaulted her earlier in the evening and had a gun in the house.

"I made entry in the house and located Joshua on the couch… I asked him if he had a gun and he said 'No, you can search if you want to,'" Hobbs wrote in an incident report.

Francis  claimed he and the victim had not been in a fight that evening, but upon further investigation, Hobbs said he noticed marks on the woman's left ear and marks on her throat consistent with her account of the attack.

"The victim attempted to leave when Joshua punched her left ear, dragged her into the back room and choked her saying, 'I'll kill you b***h, I'll put a bullet in your f*****g head, I know people that will kill you and your child for $500, and they will burn your house down,'" Hobbs wrote in the report.

After locating a black safe in the house that the victim said contained a gun, Hobbs interviewed Francis  again. Francis  maintained that there was no gun in the house and said he knew nothing about the safe.

He also noted that the argument between he and the victim started over her use of prescription drugs.

Upon locating a set of keys that belonged to Francis , Hobbs said he was able to open the safe, which contained a 9mm Luger and 16-rounds of ammo.

Three open boxes of 9mm ammo were also found in the closet were the safe was located.

Hobbs said Francis  was previously arrested and convicted of possession of a sawed off shot gun in 2005, felony DUI in 2007 and burglary in 2010.

Francis was placed under arrest for domestic assault and battery by strangulation and possession of a firearm after a former felony conviction.

The victim's name was removed from the story for her protection.

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