August 7, 2013

Rush Springs official arrested for DUI

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star

RUSH SPRINGS — Rush Springs City Clerk John Morrow was arrested Monday night and charged with an aggravated DUI, a felony offense.

Morrow was transported to Chickasha Police Department upon his arrest to take a breathalyzer test, which he took twice, and both resulted in a .18 blood alcohol reading. Anything over .15 if cause for a felony aggravated DUI charge.

Grady County Deputy Jason Hefley said he observed Morrow's car driving left of center of a roadway of sufficient width.

Hefley said he could smell the aroma of intoxicating beverages emanating from Morrow's car.

Morrow said told Hefley he was heading home.

"I advised him he wasn't heading towards Rush Springs," Hefley wrote in an incident report. "The defendant told me he was just making a circle."

Morrow said he drank four beers, according to the release.

"I could observe the defendant's eyes to be red and watery, and his speech was slightly slurred," Hefley wrote.

The report states an open beer container was found in Morrow's car. Morrow agreed to perform a standard field sobriety test involving standing on one leg.

"After the instruction phase, the defendant could not stand on one foot for more one than one second," Hefley wrote.

After taking a breathalyzer test, Morrow was transported to the Grady County Jail.