May 7, 2013

Officers use six Taser shots in arrest

The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — Six shots from a Tazer and a lengthy struggle is what it took for Chickasha Police to finally subdue a man long enough to charge him with a variety of violations Friday night, including two counts of assault & battery with a dangerous weapon on officers.

While en route to a fight, dispatch advised an officer that the parties involved had left and that one in a white colored pickup had struck a parked car and fled the scene. Officers later learned that the suspect, 24-year-old Justin Stark, had intentionally hit the parked car that contained Monica Hull, a man and her three-week-old son. Hull, who refused to answer questions about what happened, was also arrested for obstructing an officer.

After hearing about the hit-and-run, officers found the white truck being driven by Stark traveling in the opposite lane of traffic and veering from one lane to the next. When officers approached the truck they pulled over, Stark was on his cell phone. Officers tried to arrest Stark after he refused to hang up, and that is when the suspect decided to fight back.

According to a Chickasha Police incident report, Stark struck the arresting officer while resisting a shot with a Tazer. Officers then attempted twice to hit the suspect with Tazer prongs, but both times he was able to pull the cables lose from his body. On the fourth attempt, the report says Stark stopped long enough for officers to wrestle him to the ground. A fifth shot with a Tazer allowed officers to put Stark in handcuffs.

A sixth Tazer shot was deployed to get the suspect to drop an officer’s microphone cable, and officers also had to fight the suspect off when he bit one of them during the arrest process. In addition to assault & battery and resisting arrest, Stark was placed in Grady County Jail charged with public intoxication and leaving the scene of a property damage accident.