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October 24, 2013

Fight leaves man in hospital with facial fractures


An argument between two men resulted in a fight that left one hospitalized with severe injuries and the other in jail. 

Chickasha Police Officer Lt. Goebel Music responded to a call of an assault with a dangerous weapon near 9th Street and Georgia Avenue. Music said he was notified the victim was losing consciousness and a baseball bat was involved. Music was advised the man suspected of perpetrating the crime was Reuben Hagan and he had fled the scene on 9th Street in a Chevrolet Blazer. 

Music observed a Blazer matching the description of the car Hagan had supposedly fled the scene in. 

"I could clearly see the male driver was wearing a dirty or dingy whitish colored t-shirt and was holding a white colored trash bag with a red draw string. l notified other officers of the bag expecting him to drop it," Music wrote in an incident report. "As he entered the alley he accelerated and l then initiated my siren, in addition to my lights, and the subject continued to flee, refusing to stop. We continued west bound through the alley at speeds reaching 70 miles per hour."

Music was able to intersect the suspect's vehicle at 18th Street and Dakota Avenue. He said he ordered the man out of the vehicle at gunpoint. The suspect complied and he was handcuffed and placed in the Music's patrol car. 

The white bag the man had been holding was not in the vehicle, but was later recovered by Sgt. Jeremy Alexander. The bag contained drugs, according to Alexander. 

The suspect identified himself as Reuben Hagan and cooperated with the majority of Music's questions. 

"He told me that he was bleeding pretty badly from his right hand. Mr. Hagan was in fact bleeding on the back seat of my vehicle and blood was also dripping onto the pavement. l had EMS respond to my location. | asked Mr. Hagan about the assault. He told me that his house had been broken into again today and he went to confront a family member (Ronnie Self) about it. He told me that Ronnie got real upset with him, they fought and 'rolled on the ground,' and then Ronnie came out of the house with a baseball bat and started beating his vehicle," said Music.

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