October 12, 2012

Dozens show up to pray

The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — Around 7 p.m. on Wednesday night, you may of heard a loud roar of cheering, clapping and music from inside the Chickasha High School football stadium. Although no game was scheduled, the stadium was still quite full.

Wednesday night the Fellowship of Christian Athletes celebrated God and expressed their faith during their annual Fields of Faith event.

This is the fifth year Chickasha High School has hosted a Fields of Faith event. Last year, over 700 students attended the event. According to Mark McPherson, local FCA adult adviser, Fields of Faith is a student led event. Other surrounding high schools that participated included Edmond North, Carl Albert and Capitol Hill.

This interdenominational event is held at more than 400 locations throughout the country, all on the same day. Fields of Faith has seen rapid growth. It began with 6,000 kids on 23 fields in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas in 2004. Three years later, an estimated 75,000 students participate on 386 fields all across the country.

Jeff Martin, an Oklahoma Area Director for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, was the man behind the idea of Fields of Faith. According to Martin, he conceived the idea from 2 Chronicles 34, after searching how to address the spiritual battles facing today's generation of youth.

"It goes beyond it appearance of a one-night rally on an athletic field," Martin said. "It goes to the heart of the future of a nation. It's not just another event, it's a change in culture."