December 11, 2013

CPD warns to stay off park pond in freezing weather

Adam Troxtell
The Express-Star


A frozen lake that can be skated over freely in a winter wonderland is often a thought kids in Chickasha can only dream about.

But recently, the pond in Shannon Springs Park has frozen over in parts, leaving curious kids to try and live out that dream while classes are canceled. Chickasha police are warning parents and children to stick to snowmen, snowball fights and snow angels.

"It's certainly getting thinner now with the warmer temperatures, but even if it freezes overnight, it's still not safe to be going out on," Police Chief Eddie Adamson said. "This isn't like Minnesota where it's below freezing for months."

Any ice that forms over the pond in Shannon Springs, no matter how solid it may seem, is dangerous to trek on, Adamson said. One of his sergeants caught a couple of kids out on the ice Tuesday morning and immediately warned them to slowly back away and onto solid ground. Their parents were notified, but CPD wishes to make sure all of the town's citizens stay safe and off of the pond.

"This isn't the first time we've caught people out on the ice recently," Adamson said. "Even if the water isn't that deep should you fall through, the dangers of hypothermia if you or your clothes get wet are still there."

With the winter blast coming so early in the season, there is a high chance winter weather will again blanket Grady County in the months to come. CPD wants residents to remember even then to stay off the ponds and stick to safer winter activities.