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December 11, 2013

Editor stranded in ice storm experiences truest form of humanity



Exhausted and hungry, I drove to a Whitesboro gas station. An attendant told me an even smaller road, Highway 56, would take me to IH-75. I bought some food and continued my quest. I figured the conditions would be no worse than what I’d already experienced.

I made it five miles when I approached a hill. I had just made my way up a similar slope, so assumed I would be fine. I hit it at 25 mph, sliding and turning into various skids the whole way. The ditches on both sides looked more than 20 feet deep. As I approached the top of the hill my car stopped and began to slip backward. Slowly, I started approaching one of the drop offs and my automobile didn’t respond to any of my commands.

Out of options, I applied the emergency brake and put the car in park. Nothing but a blast of frigid wind greeted me when I stepped outside. I called the police, but they said they couldn’t get to me tonight. Nothing in my life has scared me more than hearing “we can’t get to you,” from the police. I called several tow services, all of which did not have vehicles that could make it up the slope that stopped me. Fear filled my head.

I tried one more service, Happy Dave’s Wrecker Service. Owner Dave Blaylock answered the phone and lived up to the name of his company. He told me with a jovial sound in his voice, “I’ll be there in 20 minutes.” True to his word, Blaylock arrived, hopped out of his truck and attached a cable to my car while cracking jokes. Naturally I thought, of course you’re happy. You’re the only game in town. You can charge whatever you want. Blaylock towed my car to the top of the hill and helped park the vehicle in a small lot. He looked at me, smiled and said that’ll be $25.

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