May 22, 2013

HSI expands capabilities

The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — Hermetic Switch Inc. (HSI) has recently expanded product customization efforts for its customers, offering bending, wire and cable preparation, cutting, welding and engraving services.

Vice President of Operations Ryan Posey said although his company has essentially offered these types of repairs and advancements for some time, HSI would like to spread the word.

“We’re trying to tell our story,” Posey said. “We found out kind of the hard way that we’re a pretty well kept secret — even to the people that do business with us.”

Posey said he hopes to benefit as many clients as possible with the engineering services that HSI has to offer, and his company has come up with a plan to do so.

“We’ve created two things: a statement of capabilities, which talks about everything we do here, as well as a product board that shows all of the products we make,” Posey said.

HSI, headquartered in Chickasha, is a family-owned business that employs approximately 230 people. The company specializes in manufacturing reed switches and proximity sensors, magnetically sensitive devices and electronic components.

“Our creations go into all types of different industries, at all types of different locations,” Posey said. “Our major applications are electromechanical relays, medical devices, we sell quite a bit to the aerospace industry — mostly for fuel delivery and fuel level sensing — and we also support oil and gas.”

HSI is built around customized product, according to Posey, and adhering to the needs of clients. There is another element, however, that has gone into making this business a success.

“We take care of our employees,” Posey said. “We are targeting wellness right now. We hired a personal trainer and she comes in and works out three of us at a time. Aside from a little bit of equipment, it is free to the employees.”

Concern for employees is as much a priority as maintaining longstanding business relationships, according to Posey.

“Our job is a lot of fun,” Posey said. “The majority of our family is composed of engineers, it’s very natural for us to want to solve problems and help people out. It’s what we like to do, it’s very rewarding.”

Interested parties may visit for more information on the company and its services.