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December 5, 2013

DA leads multi-county meth bust

CHICKASHA — An early morning drug bust in Grady and Caddo counties resulted in more than 30 arrests.

District Attorney Jason Hicks said multiple agencies aided in the investigation, which has been ongoing since May of this year.

"The District Attorney’s Drug and Violent Crime Task Force led an investigation, which started in May 2013, into the distribution of controlled dangerous substances in Grady and Caddo Counties," a release from the DA's office states. On Dec. 5 the investigation culminated in charges being filed on 35 people. Charges were for the following types of crimes: distribution of methamphetamine; use of electronic devices to facilitate a drug transaction; conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine; and, possession of controlled dangerous substances."

Hicks said the Grady County Sheriff's Office and the Chickasha Police Department were involved in the investigation.

“I am very pleased with the investigation and the cooperation seen among multiple agencies. Without assistance from each of the agencies, operations such as this are very difficult to execute," said Hicks.

Hicks noted that the investigation dealt with several individuals known to law enforcement to supply large quantities of methamphetamine to others for sale in Grady County.

“Some of the defendants involved in this operation were responsible for supplying the Chickasha area with methamphetamine. We focused on individuals known to be major players in the distribution of methamphetamine,” he said.

Several of the defendants are expected to be arraigned later this afternoon.

The suspects from Grady County are as follows:

Amy Seabright - SWConspiracy

Candace Carroll- SW Conspiracy

Brandon Wolfe - Conspiracy

Freeman Rumley - Conspiracy

Lena Martin - Unlawful Use of Communications Device

Jeremy Madison - 3x Distribution of CDS, Conspiracy, Felon in Poss. Firearm

Kevin Cornell - Conspiracy

Joseph Dixon - 3x Distribution, Conspiracy

Randy Jones - Distribution of CDS

Kyle Moore - Distribution of CDS

John Dickenson - Distribution of CDS

Travis Callahan - Distribution of CDS, Felon in Poss. Firearm, Conspiracy

Christopher Rodgers - Unlawful use of Communications Device

Christopher Newton - Conspiracy

Tristan Mckinley - Unlawful use of Communications Device

Tiffiny Hunter - Unlawful use of Communications Device

Jamie Wolfe - Conspiracy

Sheryl Burns - Distribution

Marquis Rogers - Distribution

Andrew Dockery - Distribution

Lindsey Anderson - Distribution of CDS

Trever McKenna - Distribution of CDS

Elvie Mandrell - Distribution of CDS

Steve Forshee - Distribution of CDS

Kyle Waters - Poss. CDS (Felony)

Stephanie Stevens - Poss. CDS (Felony)

Teresa Brewer - Distribution of CDS

Seven other suspects from Caddo County were also arrested.

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