July 23, 2013

Teen tackles suspect

Tiffany Martinez
The Express-Star


Justice was served Sunday night in Chickasha, thanks to the bravery of a 14-year-old boy.

The Chickasha teenager managed to capture James Stuckey, one of two men running from Chickasha Police Officer David Michael Harper-Head, with the help of his dad and brother.

Harper-Head originally tried to make contact with Stuckey and another subject who were walking together at the 800 block of West Oklahoma Avenue. He believed them to be acting suspiciously in a neighborhood prone to the sale and use of controlled substances, as well as theft and burglary.

When Harper-Head attempted to stop the subjects, they started to run. Harper-Head eventually lost sight of them behind a house. As he continued to search for them, dispatch said a party called in to the police station saying they had a suspect pinned down in a backyard.

Harper-Head quickly arrived to the scene and saw two male subjects holding down one of the males that had run away from him, according to the report. The pinned male complied with orders by Harper-Head and was placed under arrest for obstruction of a police officer.

Doucet informed Harper-Head that he and his two sons witnessed, from their home, Stuckey running away from the police officer. He said he and his sons ran around the back of a residence following Stockey, where his 14-year-old son was able to tackle him to the ground.

Stockey denied knowing whom the other subject was, saying he only ran because he was told to do so.