November 14, 2013

Man alledgedly poked former girlfriend in temple over video game console dispute

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star


A fight over a video game console led to one arrest and a domestic violence charge Nov. 13.

Isiah Euwins was arrested for burglary in the first degree and domestic assault and battery after he allegedly grabbed his girlfriend, Cherokee Waldon and repeatedly pushed on her temples with his thumb and fingers. Waldon said Euwins came over to take an XBOX from the residence. 

"Cherokee told me that she had been dating Isiah Euwins since March, but had broken up with him two days ago," Chickasha Police Officer Ryan Rahlf said. "Cherokee said Isiah came over and knocked on her door but when she looked out the peep hole  she did not see anyone. Cherokee said she opened the door partially to look outside and Isiah pushed her back and entered her apartment. Cherokee said that lsiah was upset and wanted an XBOX.  Cherokee said she told lsiah that she had bought the XBOX and was selling it. Cherokee said Isiah became upset and grabbed her by her face and was pushing on her temples with his thumb and finger."

Waldon said Euwins held her down and repeatedly hit her temples with his finger. 

"Cherokee said Isiah took some of her DVD movies and threw them into the toilet in an attempt to damage them," Rahlf said. "Cherokee said  began arguing about her 32" Element Flat Screen TV and she said take it if you will leave. Isiah did. Cherokee said she did not want Isiah to have the TV but was willing to do whatever she could to get him to leave. Cherokee was able to show me the installation manual for the television. l could not see any marks on Cherokee's temples but her hair was grown over them. I was able to feel that they were swollen. I did see that there were several DVD's in the toilet. | also noticed that there was a TV antenna in the bed, but no television. Cherokee Said that Isiah has been allowed to spend the night at her apartment a few times, but he did not live there nor did he have property there."

Rahlf went to Euwins' house to speak with him. 

"I asked Isiah where the TV was and he said right inside on the floor," Rahlf said. l placed Isiah under arrest and recovered the television. I advised Isiah he was under arrest for burglary and domestic abuse. Isiah said that he had not hit her nor had he forced himself inside. Isiah said the television was given to him for his birthday."

Euwins was booked into the Grady County Jail.