January 30, 2013

City gets new signs

The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — The streets of Chickasha have gotten a fresh look. For several hours on Tuesday, city employees took down old street signs and began installing brand new signs that have been redesigned with the city's logo.

This has not been a short process. Originally, the topic of new street signs was originally brought up on Oct. 15, 2012. A long running joke among city council members during work sessions involved bring up this reoccurring task that never seemed to make any progression.

The cost of this project, according to City Manager Stewart Fairburn was budgeted several months ago in the Sidewalk Program budget and there was leftover money.

At the first city council session of the year on Jan. 8, council officially approved the bid to remove and install these new street signs.

According to Larry Fuchs, Director of Public Works the total costs of project is $8,480.00 There are over 66 signs that will be installed.