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January 21, 2013

BLOG: Climate change, hoax or legitimate threat?

CHICKASHA — So every time a Democrat is elected to federal office we get to hear some pandering about climate change. Today's presidential inauguration speech was no different.

Sure, President Obama went on about gay rights and a variety of other key Democratic platform issues during his address, but he also skimmed over the issue of the planet getting progressively warmer.

Now, I'm not going to get into my personal beliefs on climate change. Frankly, my beliefs are fairly uneducated and pretty uninspired. My issue is with the constant pandering.

Aside from Al Gore what Democratic leader has made real effort to address this horrible impending doom known as climate change? It's talked about all the time and we as a society have been told to believe it's a legitimate threat, but I don't really care because it seems like none of our elected officials who claim to care about this issue actually do. It's the most ignored heavily talked about topic there is.

Movies like The Day After Tomorrow paint climate change as a global death machine and 96 percent of world's scientists say it's a legitimate problem.

If that's the case, why is the Democratic voting constituency not holding their representatives accountable for their lack of addressing this catastrophic issue? Could it be that this issue has been overblown?

I am loathe to agree with Republicans on almost anything, but maybe they're on to something here. We as a society from top to  bottom just don't seem to care about global warming and climate change and it seems like the deadline for a global climatic meltdown keeps getting pushed back.

A few years ago scientists said we'd face serious problems by 2050, now they say 2100. Where's the consensus?

The only thing I know at this point is that I've been hammered with the importance of global warming and how it will kill us all over the entirety of my 27 years and no one seems to know much more than I do. I've googled the topic and everything seems so theoretical.

If this is a real issue, then it's commendable that the president and other elected officials intend to combat it, but until there is actually some sort of real legislative push to deter the horror that is climate change, why should any of us care?

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