January 16, 2013

Editorial: Weir handles animosity well

The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — We want to take a moment to commend Sheriff Jim Weir on his handling of financial issues upon getting into office.

On Monday, Mr. Weir met with the county commissioners to discuss problems left by former deputies including locating $10,000 of missing ammunition and what Weir believed to be the deliberate sabotage of several police vehicles.

Weir could have easily gone to any one of the many media sources in Grady County to discuss his grievances, but instead he simply tried to rectify the issue at the county commissioner's court.

This is an admirable action and reminiscent of a true leader. His transition into sheriff was not an easy one and although he had to fight two hard campaigns it appears Weir's intentions and actions are noble and have served Grady County well thus far.

Again we commend Weir for both his candor and actions since taking office and can only hope he continues to work diligently to protect Grady County and its citizens.

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