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January 9, 2013

BLOG: Look to local shelter for good pets

CHICKASHA —  A few days ago the paper's editorial staff and I were discussing the possibility of lambasting the city government for not having a spay and neuter program in place via an editorial. Naturally, I had to research the topic so as to make sure an editorial was justified.

What I found is the city is actually pretty on top of the stray problem in Chickasha. Animal Control representatives say they have enough resources to manage the issue and city is already in the process of considering a spay and neuter program. This kind of left me with nothing to write about from an editorial perspective except this. Chickasha Animal Shelter is a kill shelter.

I am sure everyone has seen a few of these strays roaming the streets, but few stop to consider what happens to these animals after they've strayed out of sight. If these animals are picked up, they're living on borrowed time. With this in mind I cannot stress enough the importance of adopting from the Chickasha Animal Shelter. I don't want to see stray animals running all about, but I certainly don't want to solve this problem by euthanizing masses.

I commend the city and the shelter for their work, but implore citizens to take a look at the shelter should they be in the market for a pet.

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