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January 9, 2013

Neuter and release program could combat Chickasha stray problem in 2013

CHICKASHA — Plans to neuter and release stray animals in Chickasha could see action in 2013.

A sub-committee met last year to discuss the possibility of feasibility of initiating a spay and neuter program, but those talks were put on hold to handle more pressing matters according to Fairburn.

Several methods of accomplishing the goal were looked at said Fairburn including setting up a nonprofit to accomplish the task.

"Any establishment of a group requires a lot of time and money, so the general recommendations were to contract the job out with veterinarians," Fairburn said, "There are still a lot of details to be worked out."

City Manager Stewart Fairburn said the city plans to discuss the issue in February.

Major Elip Moore of the Chickasha Police Department said this is a complex situation, but for the moment CPD is diligent about responding to stray animal calls.

"We are not terribly busy with them, but when we are notified about strays we go pick them up," he said.

CPD has faced a few issues when rounding up the strays. Moore said many times CPD will receive a call and the on duty animal control officer will be busy on another call.

"They arrive 10 minutes later and the animal is gone," Moore said. "It may take five or six class before we get to a specific animal."

Currently. there are two animal control officers employed with CPD, Moore said. In addition to picking up the strays these officers are required to clean, feed and handle the Chickasha Animal Shelter as well as the shelter's adoptions.

"We try to use the resources we have to provide the maximum amount of coverage," Moore said.

Animal Control Office Jeff Moore said resources haven't been too big of a problem when it comes to handling the stray situation in Chickasha.

"We adopt out three or four of the strays a week," Moore said.

The animal shelter is located at 203 North Genevieve Street.

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