June 19, 2013

Man arrested after allegedly abusing emergency system

The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — Chickasha police apprehended Chickasha resident Harry Edward Foster for using 911 to make a false alarm on June 18 at the 600 block of North Seventh Street.

According to the report, Foster initially called an administrative line at the police department and spoke with Sgt. Jason Myrko who was dispatching. Foster asked Sgt. Myrko when the best time to call the chief of police would be and received an answer. Foster then expressed that he was angry his wife was pulled over earlier in the day. He requested that Lt. Weidenmaier come by his residence and speak with him. Before hanging up, Foster told Sgt. Myrko that the police department did not want to make him go crazy that night.

A short time later Sgt. Myrko received a phone call on the emergency line of the police department. The male caller, believed to be Foster, told Sgt. Myrko that “Give a head” and Lt. Weidenmaier needed to come over to his house. Sgt. Myrko asked the male what his emergency was and the male replied, “It would be your emergency, not mine.” Once again, the male caller demanded that the Lieutenant needed to get to his house.

Sgt. Myrko received one more call on the emergency line from, who he believed to be, Foster. Sgt. Myrko answered the call by asking what emergency the caller had. The male caller replied, “Hey, this ain’t an emergency.” The caller then stated that calling the emergency line was his only way to contact anyone at the police department and said his name was Eddie. The report notes that Foster often goes by the nickname, Eddie.

Sgt. Myrko informed the caller that he could not use the emergency line in this manner. The caller demanded to speak with Lt. Weidenmaier and began to become argumentative.

The report states these repetitive emergency calls interfered with Sgt. Myrko being able to sufficiently perform his job. Specifically, an officer was on a domestic disturbance and other officers were trying to contact Sgt. Myrko to assist with the disturbance but were unable to be made aware of the location from the dispatcher.

Officer David Michael Harper-Head listened to the 911 recordings and was led to believe Foster was responsible for making the calls. Harper-Head contacted Foster at his residence where he admitted to calling the emergency line with no emergency to report.

After a brief struggle with Foster, Harper-Head and Lt. Weidenmaier arrested the suspect for misuse of the 911 system, as well as an attempt to escape lawful arrest and an attempt to resist arrest.

Foster was believed to be intoxicated at the time of arrest.