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June 14, 2013

Anti-Mortem begins new adventure



Under the same management team as bands like Slipknot and Trivium, Anti-Mortem say they believe they are more than up to the challenge of taking their music to the next level. 

"We have a killer management team," Smith said. "We've had a few big breaks in Oklahoma playing with bands like Five FInger Death Punch and Killswitch Enagage." 

The tour, which stretches from June 19 to July 27, is just part of the dramatic changes this band has had the pleasure of enduring since the beginning of the year. 

In March, they flew out to California to record an album that will be released shortly after the end of the tour. 

"We all want to sit on our record a bit because we all feel it's strong and we want to release it to a fan base, so we really want to start growing from this point on," Nevada said. 

"If we release it now, only Oklahoma would buy it, but we want to spread it," singer Larado Romo said.

Now their first tour is upon them, but for the most part, emotions have managed to be kept in check. 

"Well they're calm about it, because they've been dealing with it for the past two years, but for me a month ago I was on the couch eating cheetoes, so I'm pretty blown away," drummer Levi Dickerson said. 

More than half a decade ago, brothers Larado and Neveda had no idea that starting Anti-Mortem would grow into what it has.

"We were so young when we came up with the name," Larado said. "It was just metal sounding and we were kids." 

Although Smith said the name has constantly been in question, the band as a whole finally managed to come to peace with their lively title. 

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