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May 4, 2014

New methods for a new job


As is the case with any major change in life, my recent promotion has promoted some evaluation. Obviously since, this change deals with my professional life, I am evaluating that aspect of my existence. 

As managing editor of The Express-Star my job was to report the news as truthfully as possible seemingly unaware of the consequences. This mentality contributed to an increase in our circulation, ad sales, online traffic and affirmation in the form of seven statewide awards. 

It also gave me a less than stellar reputation with many in our community. We have had multiple letters to the editor expressing disdain over some stories and their "graphic" detail. Others have been unhappy that we even covered certain topics. 

Let me be clear, I in no way we regret our work, nor do I intend to change our news gathering and reporting methodology. 

I will, however be more cognisant of the consequences of such a methodology. My new job places me in a role where my primary focus is to drive the community forward with other local leaders. And that is what you, the reader, will see change. 

My emphasis will be on helping the community, and in that vein I intend to write a weekly column reviewing our company's work from the past week in all aspects, not just our news reporting. I invite all of our readers to join the conversation.  

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