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June 22, 2013


CHICKASHA — The flag should be honored no matter what

Tiffany Martinez

There is nothing I love more than family and country. In my eyes, they are virtually the same thing.

My family is protected as it is my country, the place I call home, and my country is loved as it is my family, what I hold most dear.

These are what I cherish most in life. I would fight for them. I would die for them — because together, they compose the reasons my life is worth living.

While I can’t dictate the values of others, I will make it perfectly clear it is wrong to disrespect the place in which you reside.

Defaming the American flag is of the highest degree of disrespect. While some may claim damaging our country’s flag is just, citing freedom of expression, I equate this action to biting the hand that feeds you.

The red, white and blue is a symbol of America — it’s principals, culture, efforts, victories, losses, beauty and resilience. It connotes pride, freedom and rejuvenation, as well as honor and reverence for the heroes who have died bearing the emblem.

Of all the ways to exercise freedom of expression, resorting to defaming a flag that represents all Americans is not only wrong, it’s lazy. Delivering a speech, presenting data or writing letters are much more effective ways to address issues with the government.

The freedoms and powers we are allotted in this country should never be taken for granted, nor should they be abused. The star-spangled banner should always wave high, honored for all it represents and revered as representing the land of the free and home of the brave.

A cost of freedom is allowing people to do and say things that may make your blood boil

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