June 21, 2013

Tuttle to get library

The Express-Star

TUTTLE — After three failed elections and several years of hard work from people like Jane Bryant and the Friends of the Tuttle Public Library group, the city of Tuttle is getting a public library.

City Manager of Tuttle, Tim Young said the economy going into a downturn and false information getting out to the public is the reason for the failed elections to approve a public library for Tuttle thus far.

“The biggest problem we ran into for the last election was overcoming bad information that got out to the community. Information got out to the community that if you approve this tax to join Pioneer your property tax would go up $600 to $6000, which wasn’t accurate. The property tax for a $100,000 would go up $60 a year,” said Young.

Young said he was unsure of how the false information got out.

Bryant and Young agree that having a public library is important for the community of Tuttle and the small communities around Tuttle that do not have a public library.

“It’s amazing that Tuttle has made it this long without having a public library. Libraries are growing like crazy. They have so many activities going on all the time that benefit the community,” said Bryant

Young said, Tuttle is the largest city in Oklahoma where residents do not have free access to a public library.

Bryant and Young hope within the next week or two they’ll be able to start moving things into the starter library, which will be located at Wilma’s off of Main Street.

Volunteers will operate the library, every book will have been donated by members of the community of Tuttle.

Anyone interested in volunteering to help or wanting to donate books can  contact Jane Bryant by calling (405) 388-5271. All donations will be appreciated, and all volunteers will be welcomed.