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June 13, 2013

Friend superintendent vies for storm shelter

FRIEND — Superintendent of Friend Public Schools, Alton Rawlins wants to prevent tragedies like those earlier this year at Briarwood Elementary from happening at Friend Public Schools.

Rawlins said he was told in order to build a storm shelter that met all the safety codes, he would need $500,000. Thompson looked into it a little bit, and his research brought him to Fort Supply, Oklahoma.

“ Ft. Supply built a storm shelter that cost $30,000 that met all the safety codes; we are looking to build one a little bit better that will cost $50,000,” Rawlins’ said.

Rawlins said the storm shelter will meet all the safety codes, will be waterproof on the inside and out, and will have lights and ventilation.

“It takes us 10 minutes to get our kids on the bus and over to the shelter at Sharon Baptist Church. If we build this shelter we can cut the time in half and have our student’s and staff underground in less than five minutes,” Rawlins’ said.

Rawlins is planning for it to be done by next summer, but he said needs the community’s help. Rawlins also plans to open the storm shelter up to the Friend community.

Paul Townsend, the Director of Safety at Friend came to Rawlins with a plan to build a storm shelter. This plan involved Grady County Director of Emergency Management, Dale Thompson.

Rawlins and Friend Public Schools are hosting a cookout on June 18 were they plan on showing a slideshow of the shelter plan. The cookout is open to any questions or suggestions.

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