April 26, 2013

BAT mobile missing from Sheriff's public show

The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — While preparing to step up county coverage for safe driving this weekend, the Grady County Sheriff’s Department was left waiting Friday afternoon for a key part of their increased coverage campaign.

The Breath Alcohol Testing (BAT) mobile, which Grady County Sheriffs confirmed will be used as they take part in the More Cops, More Stops campaign Friday night and Saturday morning, was supposed to be stationed outside the sheriff’s office on 3rd Street yesterday afternoon, but never showed up.

Sheriffs, deputies and local media outlets clamoring to catch a glimpse of the vehicle used to increase monitoring of drunk driving across the county were left baffled when the Oklahoma Highway Patrol officer that was supposed to get the BAT mobile to its afternoon viewing location did not show up as of 5 p.m. Lisa Hatchett, public relations officer for Grady County Sheriffs, said the vehicle will still be used this weekend as the department looks to be proactive in making area roads safer.

Calls to the OHP office and officers were not returned during the afternoon, leaving officers to wonder why the BAT mobile was a no-show.

The vehicle belongs to the Bureau of Indian Affairs, one of the agencies taking part in the More Cops, More Stops campaign.