November 7, 2013

Shotgun threat connected to $4,000 Frisco Ave. convenience store burglary

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star


A series of events unfolded between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning resulting in the loss of $4,000 from the Frisco Stop in Chickasha, and arrests for assault and burglary. 

Chickasha Police Officer Chad King responded to a call involving a weapons offense at 4 p.m. Tuesday in the area of 9th Street and Vermont Avenue. Sgt. Jeremy Alexander also responded to the call. 

Alexander said Ronnie Yates, Julia Bentley, Yvonne Ferguson and Malinda McHugh claimed Allen Mandrell "pulled a shotgun on them."

"Mandrell was trying to fight with Yates because Mandrell believed Yates was a 'snitch' and had the police looking for him," King said. 

Mandrell threatened to kill Yates and started pulling a shotgun out of a duffle bag he was carrying, according to Alexander. 

"McHugh grabbed Yates because she thought Mandrell was about to shoot Yates. Yates tried to charge Mandrell before he could get the shotgun out, but Mandrell left the area when he thought the police were coming," said Alexander. 

King was told by a witness that Mandrell was seen running toward a residence at 914 W. Maryland Avenue. King made contact with the property owner, who told him "no one was allowed to be in the house and that was the reason it was boarded up." 

"It was believed that Mandrell might be in the residence because a perimeter was set up around the area quickly after the crime and no one had seen him leave the area," said King. "I went to the east side of the house and knocked announcing, 'Police open the door.' | entered the home and announced myself as the police. Mandrell said, 'I'm in here.'"

King ordered Mandrell out of the room where he placed him under arrest. 

"I went back to the residence and began searching in the room where Mandrell was found. I found a small black bag which contained several live shotgun rounds, a small black change purse containing a small bag that had a leafy green substance in it, two syringes, smoking pipe with Marihuana residue, and a set of scales. All these items were found in close proximity to where Mandrell was found. A large blue duffle bag was also found in the residence, which is consistent with what all witnesses said Mandrell was carrying," King said.

The leafy green substance presumptively tested positive for marijuana and residue on the syringes tested positive for methamphetamine. 

Mandrell was booked into the Grady County Jail on charges of second degree burglary, assault with a dangerous weapon, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia and threatening to perform acts of violence. 

At 9 a.m. Wednesday morning Officer Clayton Hobbs made contact with Yates in reference to a burglary at the Frisco Shop. 

"I made contact with Yates and placed him under arrest. I told Yates it was for Burgalary-2. I informed Yates of his Miranda Warning and Yates agreed to speak with us. I completed a search of Yates and found a large amount of cash in his coat pocket," said Hobbs. "l asked Yates where he got the money. He hesitated on his reply and Officer Burkhart told him it was on video. Yates then told us he got the money from the bathroom at the Frisco Stop. He said he didn't steal it. Yates said he went to the rest room and there was no toilet paper. He looked under the sink to get toilet paper and found the money. He said he took the money and knew it was probably a bad idea. He said there was only $2,000. Frisco Stop estimated about $4,000 was stolen. Yates told Officer Burkhart that he just paid some of his court fines with $100 of the cash he took from Frisco Stop."

Yates told officers he spent some of the money at various locations across Chickasha.

A clear plastic bag containing a white powdery substance that field  tested positive for methamphetamine was found in Yates' pocket. 

Hobbs said he continued the investigation at a local motel. 

"Burkhart and | then took Yates' girlfriend, Yvonne Ferguson, to the Kings Inn room 23 where they had stayed the previous night," Hobbs said. "Yvonne told me that Ronnie threw away the plastic bags that he found the money in, somewhere in the room. I asked Yvonne if she would consent to allowing me to go into the room with her so she could give me the bags, Yvonne agreed. Yvonne handed me a blue hooded  sweatshirt, 1-paper bag with 11-5-13 Rhonda am (SIC) wrote on it, 1- paper bag, 1-plastic bag with $10 wrote on it, 1-plastic bag with $2 wrote on it, 1-plastic bag with $5 wrote on it. Yvonne stated that Ronnie was wearing the sweatshirt when they went to Frisco Stop earlier."

Yates was booked into jail for possession of a controlled dangerous substance, burglary and possession of stolen property