November 6, 2013

Woman arrested on technological theft charge at Verizon in Chickasha

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star


A woman was arrested after allegedly trying to steal an i-Pad mini from Verizon Wireless in Chickasha on Monday. 

Chickasha Police Officer Chad Kind responded to a call of a shoplifter at the store. 

"I arrived on scene and spoke with employees. | was told that Kandace Lindsey came into the store and was attempting to purchase an item," King said. "Lindsey was waiting in line. The customer in front of her was at the checkout counter and was looking at an i-Pod Mini. The customer set it to the side end left the area. Employees said Lindsey distracted the employee away from where the i-Pad Mini was sitting and stayed with the i-Pad Mini."

King said when the employee returned the i-Pad Mini was missing along with the box. 

"The employee said Lindsey was the only customer on that side of the store. Employees continued to watch Lindsey because she started acting suspicious and they found the empty i-Pad box slid underneath a table next to where Lindsey was standing. l observed Lindsey continue to walk around the store and ask questions to the employees," King said. "At one point Lindsey went back to the checkout counter and tried to purchase a i-Pad Mini. Lindsey tried to pay with a check and the check was denied multiple times. Lindsey then left the checkout counter and roamed around the store. I made contact with Lindsey and spoke With her about the alleged crime. Lindsey said the i-Pad Mini was in her purse."

Lindsey said she placed the $495 i-Pad mini in her purse by mistake. King placed Lindsey under arrest at this point. 

"I searched Lindsey and found a prescription bottle for Alprazolam in her front right jean pocket. I looked inside the bottle and found three Alprazolam and two Klonopin pills, which are a schedule IV narcotic," King said. "l was able to identify these pills by using a drug identifier. | also found a small cellophane bag containing a crystal like substance. I field tested the crystal like substance and it tested positive for Methamphetamine."

Lindsey was transported to the Grady County Jail and booked for possession of controlled dangerous substance without a prescription and shoplifting.