October 29, 2013

Car chase results in 4 arrests

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star


An early morning car chase resulted in four arrests on Oct. 26 in Chickasha. 

"I was near the intersection of 20th Street and Arizona Avenue. l observed a white Ford Expedition pull out onto 20th Street from Ridgecrest Avenue. The Ford Expedition then turned onto  Arizona Avenue and I pulled in behind it. After l pulled in behind the car l saw it swerve to the right off of the  street and then back to the left. I turned on my emergency lights to initiate a traffic stop. The vehicle stopped at 19th Street and Arizona Avenue. After a few moments the car accelerated and began driving away very  quickly. l called out pursuit on the vehicle and turned on my siren," Chickasha Police Officer Cliff Walker wrote in an incident report. 

During the chase, the vehicle slowed in the 1700 block of 18th Street. Later, a crown royal bag containing a gun with the serial number filed off was recovered from the area. Several small plastic baggies and a digital scale were also recovered from the same location. 

The Expedition continued to run stop signs finally coming to an ally with a gate near 16th Street and Grand Avenue. 

"The Expedition crashed through the gate, forcing it open and breaking the lock. We continued in the alley until we approached Alabama Avenue. As we got closer to Alabama Avenue there was large overgrowth of vegetation and also the alley makes a slight curve back to the west," Walker said. "I observed the vehicle 

go through the vegetation and I saw a subject come out of the passenger's side of the Expedition and run east."

Walker said the way the Expedition was drifting made him believe no one was operating the vehicle, so he believed it was the driver who fled the car. The vehicle coasted until it hit a pole. 

CPD Sgt. Jeremy Alexander assisted in the investigation, and while searching the area around 1702 S. 15th Street found a subject  located under a flatbed trailer. The subject stood up and was identified as Austin Moore. He told police he ran because there was a warrant for his arrest. 

Moore told police Jillian Kizer was actually driving the Expedition and Craig Earls was also in the car. 

Upon reviewing the pursuit's video, Walker said he noticed both doors swing open and he could make out two additional figures running away from the car. 

Later in the day, CPD Officer Reid Kerr assisted Walker and the Department of Human Services in an investigation on Ridgecrest Drive. David Boyd, Robert Campbell and Kizer were located at the residence.

"While DHS was speaking to the child l noticed in the trash can in front of me a straw that was bent with tin foil around it," Kerr wrote. "It had obvious burn marks and was hanging at the top of the trash can. | also, through  my training and experience, noticed a smell of burnt marijuana coming from the straw. I asked Jillian if l could grab the straw out of the trash can and she responded by saying 'yes'. I removed the straw and underneath it was a red plastic zip look baggy with a white powdery substance inside of it. Sgt. Walker performed a presumptive field test for methamphetamine on the substance inside the white baggy and it came back positive."

The three subjects all refused to comment on who owned the drugs. Campbell and Boyd were placed under arrest and charged with possessions of a controlled dangerous substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. 

DHS took a 5-year-old located at the residence and Kizer was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and possession of paraphernalia.