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October 20, 2013

Fire truck sports permanently pink motif


The new pink firetruck for the Pocasset Fire Station was unveiled on Friday morning at the Grady County Sheriff's Department. 

The truck will be replacing the Pocasset truck that was lost in a fire in 2011. Christie Rainey and Trent Wildman were injured. 

Wildman's face was burned and Rainey had second and third degree burns on her body and face. Her recovery is ongoing, she said. 

Wildman continues to fight fires. Rainey was the Pocasset Fire Station Chief at the time of the accident. Rainey said her firefighting days are over, but she remains involved in the Pocasset Fire Station. 

"It's like a family," Rainey, who is nearing 20 years on the team, said. 

Rainey said that she and Thompson have worked on finding a way to get the truck for about two years. A pink firetruck was not always the plan, but Rainey said that one day during her recovery, the idea came to her. She said that she is glad the truck will be going to the fire station. 

"You take care of the people that take care of you," Rainey said. 

About 150 pink shirts have spread like wildfire across the county as the Grady County Fire Department supports breast cancer. 

The shirts are official Grady County Fire Department shirts, Dale Thompson, Grady County Emergency Management Director, said. The only difference is that the shirts are pink instead of blue. 

Thompson said there have been a few guys that are not tickled about donning a pink shirt, but Thompson said the people the firefighters help are unlikely to care. 

"When someone calls about a fire or emergency, they don't care what color shirt we're wearing," Thompson said. 

Moreover, Thompson said that he and the department is proud to show its support of breast cancer awareness. 

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