October 16, 2013

Traffic stop leads to drug arrest

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star


A Chickasha woman was arrested Monday night after a traffic stop revealed she had 31 prescription muscle relaxers for which she could not produce a prescription. 

"I observed a white Buick Century be south bound, onto S. 12th Street from Iowa," Chickasha Police Officer Steven Lanier said. "The driver of the vehicle, later identified as Tammi Griffin, failed to signal her intent to turn. I then observed Griffin turn into the oncoming lane of traffic almost hitting the north bound lane opposite curb. | activated my emergency lights and conducted a traffic stop at S. 12th Street and Minnesota Ave."

Lanier said he exited his car and made contact with Griffin. 

"l requested Griffin's driver's license and insurance information, which she gave to me," Lanier wrote. "While speaking with Griffin l observed her to have slurred speech and her eyes were bloodshot. I asked Griffin if she had been consuming any alcoholic beverages and Griffin said no. | asked Griffin if she had been taking any medications and again Griffin said no. | asked Griffin to exit her vehicle, which she did. When Griffin exited her vehicle she was very unsteady on her feet, and used her Car for balance. | requested Griffin submit to the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests, which Griffin agree."

Based on the results of three sobriety tests, Lanier said he concluded Griffin was too intoxicated to a safely operate a motor vehicle. 

"I advised Griffin she was under arrest for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicants," said Lanier. I placed Griffin in handcuffs and escorted her to my patrol car. Upon completion of the arrest process l inventoried Griffins vehicle for the impound process. While conducting the inventory l located a yellow - in color-  pill bottle with no prescription markings in Griffin's purse. Inside the pill bottle | located 31 White round pills with the marking DAN on one side end 5513 on the other. l conducted a pill identifier lookup and the pills came back as Carisoprodol a schedule IV narcotic. | took the pill bottle containing the 31 pills into my possession as evidence."

Griffin was booked into the Grady County jail.