October 14, 2013

Man accused of raping sleeping victim

The Express-Star


Chickasha resident Cedric Roosevelt Wilson was arrested Saturday afternoon, accused of breaking into a house and forcibly raping sleeping woman.

Chickasha Police Officer Joel Hendrix said he initially received a call in reference to vandalism. 

Hendrix said the reporting party told him a black male wearing a brown coat busted out a window then took off on foot down an alley.

Hendrix said when he caught up to Wilson he could see Wilson had slurred speech, couldn’t stand up properly and had a substance around his lips.

Hendrix then went to the reporting party’s residence to get a statement.

“Victim 1” told Hendrix she takes sleeping medicine. She said when she woke up Wilson was on top of her, having sexual intercourse with her.

Victim 1 said she told Cedric to stop, then after some time Wilson got off of her and went into another bedroom.

Another woman in the home, “Other 2” told Wilson he wasn’t supposed to be in the home and needed to leave. Both women and Wilson walked out the side door facing north, according to the police report.

Hendrix said the victims reported Wilson then threw a rock into the kitchen window and shattered it.

Both women said Wilson forced his way into the house by a door that has been forced in before but was secure at the time.

The victim told Hendrix that at no time did she give Wilson consent to have sex with her. The other woman told Hendrix she did not have sex with Wilson.

Hendrix noted in his report that Victim 1 “has a diminished mental capacity which could make her incapable of consent.”

Wilson was booked into the Grady County Jail and is accused of public drunk, first- degree burglary and first-degree rape.