October 11, 2013

Furry friends aided by FUR group

The Express-Star


The Chickasha animal rescue group Friends Fur Change has helped hundreds of dogs and cats find homes in the past two months.

Friends for Change Vice President Fran Morris said since the group formed about two and a half months ago with just four women, their numbers of members and number of pets rescued has blossomed.

“We just decided we wanted to go out there and help clean the cages and adopt out dogs,” she said. “We decided we would just go out there and help, then we found out this was bigger than all of us.”

She said when they started to realize that there were a lot of animals that needed help, the group realized that the dogs were without some of the basic necessities they need to survive.

“There was too much. The city was not buying food. There was not food allocated in the budget for the dogs,” Morris said. “So, we started buying food for the dogs out of our own pockets.”

In addition to helping the dogs with necessities such as food, Friends for Change also saved animals lives in Chickasha by putting a stop to the euthanizing process by adopting out those dogs.

She said the process of adopting dogs out isn’t necessarily a difficult one, however, during the interview process, the group asks difficult questions to the future dog owners.

“The average Joe just can’t adopt a dog,” she said. “We ask them hard questions about their families, do they have a fenced yard and a lot of times you can tell by how a family looks if they’re going to be the types to take care of an animal.”

She said they actually go out in the interviewee’s yard to play with the animal, interact with it and she said they have actually turned down people before. 

Morris said the group has adopted out hundreds of dogs in the Chickasha area and surrounding communities in less than three months, including 70 dogs during a free adoption week when the group had just formed.

She said now the City of Chickasha has jumped on board with their program, and has a spay and neuter program and now buying food for animals.

Last week, Friends for Change held an adoption fair called Bark in the Park in Chickasha, with much success, adopting out 28 animals to area residents.

For more information on volunteering with Friends Fur Change and how to adopt animals, call Fran Morris at (405) 222-9866.  

The shelter is open 1 to 5 p.m., Tuesday to Friday, and 1 to 4 p.m., Saturday.