September 10, 2013

Dispute ends with knife wound

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star


A domestic dispute ended violently when a knife was hurled into a man's leg on Sept. 7.

Chickasha Police Officer David Harper-Head responded to a call at 1114 W. Chocktaw Ave. where he found Gerry Jackson sitting on the sidewalk cradling his leg. 

"Jackson was holding his left thigh area," Harper-Head wrote in an incident report. "l walked up and | asked Jackson who stabbed him. Jackson pointed to the porch of the residence at a male subject that was seated in a chair. That male | know to be David Paul Dill Jr. When Jackson pointed at Dill, l saw Dill stand up and become very upset. He stated that Jackson had attacked him first. Dill was screaming at this point and l ordered him to the ground at gun point."

Harper-Head then asked Jackson to show him the wound. Harper-Head said he could see a small wound in Jackson's thigh. 

"Jackson said that he came over to the house at the request of Sarah Mathis. Jackson said that Sarah wanted him to tell Dill's girlfriend to leave because her kids were causing problems. Jackson said that Dill became upset and armed himself with a knife. Jackson said that Dill threw the knife at him which caused his injury." 

During a sweep of the house, CPD officers found a butcher knife and three people who claimed to be residents of the home. 

The witnesses confirmed Jackson's story, according to the report, and one resident, Theresa Lopez, said Dill went "crazy" and armed himself with a knife. 

Dill confirmed he showed up at the residence after he was told his girlfriend, Erica Moore, had been asked to leave. 

The report states, "Dill said that he got upset because they can't force Moore to leave. He said that things between him and Jackson escalated, and that Jackson grabbed him first. Dill said that he is afraid of Jackson, so he grabbed a knife to defend himself. Dill said he threw the knife at Jackson because Jackson came after him."

Dill was placed under arrest for battery with a dangerous weapon.