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September 7, 2013

Man tased after allegedly assaulting wife



Harper-Head attempted to place Christopher in handcuffs, but he jerked his arm away from the officer and moved into a stance Harper-Head said appeared threatening. 

"Christopher's posture made me feel like he was going to fight. I pulled my Taser and told him to get down," said Harper-Head. "When Christopher did not comply | fired my Taser. The Taser connected with him and he fell to the ground. l told him to stay clown multiple times. Christopher rolled to his side after l told him to stay face down. He said he needed to breathe. l allowed him to remain on his side. By that time l called for assistance from other officers." 

CPD Officer Ryan Rahlf arrived on scene and placed Christopher into handcuffs. Rahlf remained with Christopher while Harper-Head interviewed Lenny, according to the report. Lenny said she in Christopher were in the middle of a divorce. 

"She said that she had her boyfriend Bryan Ragland ride with her because she has been having problems with Christopher," Harper-Head wrote. "Lenny said that Christopher has  shown up at multiple locations and is basically stalking her. She said that today Christopher grabbed her by her head and arm. Lenny showed me her left arm. | could see a faint red mark. Lenny said that Christopher also took her phone from her. | asked her to tell me what happened exactly. Lenny said that she had the cell phone in her hand and Christopher ripped it out of her hand."

Brooks said he saw Christopher pick Lenny up by the neck and shake her and swipe something from Lenny's hand that could have been a phone. 

Harper-Head found a phone while searching Christopher according to the report. 

A report has been sent to the district attorney's office alleging probable cause exists, and Christopher should be charged with grand larceny, domestic abuse and obstructing an officer.

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