September 6, 2013

Domestic fight results in 2 knife wounds

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star


A Chickasha resident's arm was sliced and another victim was stabbed Sept. 4 by an assailant with a knife.

Police responded to a call claiming two victims were stabbed with a knife at 904 1/2 W. Colorado Ave. Upon arrival, officers contacted Anthony Gardi, who said he had been "cut with a knife" by Troy Morgan, according to an incident report. 

Photos were taken of a laceration on Gardi's arm that was consistent with his story. 

"In a written statement Gardi advised that he and his roommate, Jimmy Chance Butler - second victim - were sitting in the front room of his home at which time Morgan forced his way inside the home," the report reads. "Gardi went on to advise that he (Gardi) punched Morgan in the face. Morgan did have injuries consistent with this. Gardi Went on to advise that he had to push Morgan out of his home and that at that time Morgan grabbed him knocking his glasses off. Gardi advised that Morgan started running down the alley and that he (Gardi) ran after him and tackled him."

Gardi said Morgan then put a knife around his throat. 

"Gardi advised that Morgan's friend, Charles "Cheeto" Wilson ran up to him and also put a knife to his throat," the report states. "Gardi advised that he yelled for Chance and that Chance ran up and grabbed "Cheeto" around his neck and pulled him to the ground. Gardi advised that Morgan attempted to cut his (Gardi's) throat, so he put his hand up to defend himself at which time Gardi was cut by Morgan. Gardi advised that he again punched Morgan in the face, and that he would then hear Chance yelling that he had been stabbed."

Morgan was detained later in the evening by CPD and questioned about the incident. 

He denied cutting or stabbing Gardi, but did admit to having a physical altercation with him, according to the report. Morgan said his girlfriend, Ashley Boyle, arrived at Gardi's home and the couple walked back to their house on 11th Street. 

"Morgan advised that while walking home he and Boyle crossed paths with "Cheeto" and that he thinks "Cheeto" is the one who stabbed Gardi and Chance," the report reads.

The report details Boyle's statement, in which she claims she had gone to locate Morgan after her friend, Crystal Postoak, made comments about Morgan being "jumped."

She said she never saw "Cheeto" while walking toward her home with Morgan. 

The report states Morgan told CPD he heard "Cheeto" and Postoak talking in the bathroom of his home and "Cheeto" admitting to stabbing someone. 

This information contradicted Morgan's initial statement, where he claimed he did not know who injured Gardi and Chance. 

An affidavit was submitted to the district attorney's office alleging there is probable cause to file an assault and battery with a deadly weapon charge against Morgan.

Police Chief Eddie Adamson said the incident is still under investigation.