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June 1, 2013

Two juvenile suspects identified in Chickasha Middle School burglary

— Two juvenile suspects have been identified in the Chickasha Middle School burglary that occurred on May 29.

This is the second criminal act to occur on school property within the city of Chickasha in the past two weeks. The incident is still under investigation, according to Chickasha Chief of Police, Eddie Adamson.

“A couple of juveniles were identified by surveillance equipment in the school,” Adamson said, “but no arrests have been made at this time.”

A total of approximately $1,900 worth of damage was assessed, according to the incident report.

“The school principal identified what had been damaged and made the report to the officers,” Adamson said.

With the burglary being in such close proximity to the vandalism of the practice field at Chickasha High School, the motives of such acts are called into question.

“It is so unfortunate that many of our youth were involved in damaging school property, rather than taking pride in the education that they are given an opportunity to receive,” Adamson said. “Everyone now has to suffer because of the few people that chose to make bad decisions — the schools will probably tighten restrictions now.”

“We have amazing kids and teachers here in Chickasha, we have an amazing community here but even the actions made by a small percentage have consequences. It has consequences for people totally unassociated with it. A school is a cornerstone of a community, something like this affects everyone.”

Adamson hopes that the juveniles that were a part of these situations, as well as their parents, will explore the elements that led to this behavior.

“We’ve had several instances over the last several months that have involved juveniles,” Adamson said. “We can accept that things have happened though and hopefully people will take a little bit more time, and give more attention to their children — to keep up with what they’re actually doing. Parents who don’t do this are doing a real disservice to their children.”

Adamson said that during his time in law enforcement he has witnessed a positive correlation between juvenile delinquency and uninvolved guardians.

“You have to have that open line of communication with your kids,” Adamson said.

The investigation is expected to be complete by Monday.


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