March 1, 2014

Woman caught smuggling drugs in private parts

By Rachel Snyder
The Express-Star

— A woman was caught on video pulling drugs out of her vagina after being arrested for possession Thursday afternoon.

After Carmen Swafford was taken to jail, Chickasha Police Officer Joel Hendrix received a call saying she was caught on camera laying a bag down as she used the toilet.

"I learned Carmen had been turning her back on the camera and reaching up inside her vagina on several occasions," he said. "Once she was placed back inside the cell, they noticed her on camera remove a baggie and lay it on the ground as she used the restroom."

Hendrix said he went into her cell to ask about the bag, which Swafford denied having at first and later admitted to dumping methamphetamine down the drain, and added destruction of evidence and bringing contraband into jail.

Hendrix pulled Swafford over earlier in the day for having a faded paper tag. He said she appeared nervous and avoided eye contact with him while she was being questioned.

"At one point after handing me her DL and insurance, she stops talking to me. She then looks up with a big surprising smile and says, 'hey, how are you?'" Hendrix said. "I asked if she forgot I was standing there and she became real quiet and would not answer why she did that."

Hendrix said Swafford told him she had been in prison on charges related to methamphetamine.

Swafford said the car was not hers, according to the incident report.

Hendrix said Swafford refused to allow him to search her car, so he called for a K-9 unit to sniff around the vehicle.

Hendrix found a makeup container with a bag of pills and a green substance in Swafford's purse, and another bag in the back seat.

The report states Hendrix also found a pipe with white residue in a sock on top of the bag.

Swafford was arrested for possession of a dangerous substance and taken to the Grady County Jail.