February 26, 2014

Minor arrested for shoplifting at Walmart, possession of marijuana, public intox

By Rachel Snyder
The Express-Star

— A female minor was arrested on suspicion of shoplifting $44.94 worth of merchandise from the Chickasha Walmart, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and public intoxication on Feb. 25.

Chickasha Police Lt. G.G. Music Jr. met with Sgt. Traye Alexander at Walmart.  Alexander said he saw a girl trying to conceal a furry rug under her shirt and jacket.

"He told me he checked her purse for weapons only and also found several containers of candle wax and an unopened package of beef-type jerky," Music Jr. said. "He also told me that the female was drunk."

He said he could smell alcohol emanating from the female. Alexander informed

Music Jr. that he found a bag containing a pipe from her purse, according to a

police affidavit.

Alexander told him the female said she was 18, but when he asked her for

her date of birth, it indicated that she was 17.

Music Jr. said he was unable to interview the female because she didn't have any

identification to prove her age.

"The female also voluntarily stated that she had drunk either half a pint or a pint

and a half of liquor, but did not know which one," he said.

The female was arrested for shoplifting, possession of marijuana, possession of

drug paraphernalia and public intoxication.