November 5, 2013

Final 2 Caddo County inmates captured by authorities

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star

ANADARKO — The Caddo County Sheriff's Office is reporting the remaining two inmates who escaped from the Caddo County Jail on Oct. 27 are back in custody.

Sheriff Gene Cain said Triston Cheadle and Thomas Johnson, also known as Anthony James Mendonca, were caught at an Anadarko residence Tuesday morning.

"Deputies responded to an anonymous tip at 204 Redbud Drive in Anadarko where they found them," Cain said.

Mendonca and Chaeadle had been at the residence a couple of days, according to Cain and they were taken into custody without incident. Cain said he did not know the connection between those who lived at the residence and the escapees.

Prime Brown, 23, and Dylan Ray Three Irons, 21, were arrested by authorities at the Frisco Stop on Frisco Avenue in Chickasha Oct. 28.

Just after noon, Brown and Three Irons walked into the Frisco Stop where they shopped, employee Linda Harley said.

"They came in and the seemed nice," Harley said. "They bought some Ramen noodles, asked if we do the lotto here, and left."

What the two did not know is that on their way to the convenience store, two District Attorney's office investigators spotted them walking east along the road, according to a release by Chickasha Police Department. The investigators noticed the men appeared "very wet and dirty" and that they fit descriptions of two of the escapees.

They phoned Chickasha Police, who sent officers to assist in identifying the men. Investigators followed the pair into the Frisco Stop, and neither Harley nor anyone else at the store called police, since they did not recognize the escapees. She said they never felt in danger for their lives during the 5-10 minute span the criminals were inside the store, but police cars had flooded the small parking lot by the time the two left.

"As soon as they walked out, the cops were there," Harley said. "We didn't even know who they were. They didn't try to steal anything or hold us up. They just came in, bought their stuff, and went out the door. When they saw the police, one of the guys just stood still and dropped his stuff on the ground."

Cain told multiple media outlets the prisoners escaped by breaking a lock on the hatch above a shower head, moving through a crawl space until they reached a wall where they knocked out cement blocks creating enough space for them to reach an area outside of the jail with an unlocked door.

Irons, Brown and Mendonca were in jail on methamphetamine offenses and Cheadle was awaiting trial on a gun charge.