October 16, 2013

Sheriff's office could move into CPD location sooner than later

Jessica Lane, Staff Writer,
The Express-Star


Law enforcement in Chickasha may soon be housed in the same building. 

Grady County Sheriff, Jim Weir, presented the possibility of moving the sheriff's office into the Chickasha Police Department building, at the Grady County Commissioners meeting on Monday. 

Currently, the sheriff's office is lodged within a trailer on 3rd and Pennsylvania, east of the Grady County Courthouse. 

In addition to being limited on space, such as for interviews, the rent alone for the trailer costs $800 a month, Weir said. 

Weir said that the Grady County Sheriff's Department would be moving into the north area of the Chickasha Police Department building. Weir estimated the Grady County Sheriff's Department would pay rent of $100 per month. 

Repairs and updates will need to be made before the sheriff's department would be able to move in. Weir estimated that it could cost about $25,000 to make the needed repairs. The commissioners and Weir discussed ways of reducing this figure, such as salvaging the carpet by cleaning it, finding a used electrical panel, etc. 

"Over time, it will save a lot of money," Weir said. 

The Grady County Sheriff's Department utilities for their part of the building would be separate from the Chickasha Police Department part of the building. 

The trailer that the sheriff's department currently occupies would be returned. It is currently leased. 

No action was taken on this item. It was tabled for a future meeting. 

Grady County's rainfall this weekend ranged anywhere from .75 to one inch of rain over the weekend, Dale Thompson, Grady County Emergency Management Director, said. 

Calls to 911 went down during the month of September, according to E-911 Coordinator, George Manning. There were 1,899 calls, down from 2,258 calls in August. 

In other business:

The SLA application for Grady County Emergency Management was approved. 

The sale of county owned property were approved for: part of Lots 23 and 24 Crestview Addition, Lot 7 of Block 2 of Rolling Meadows Addition, Lot 8 of Block 2 of Rolling Meadows Addition, Lot 9 of Block 2 of Rolling Meadows Addition, Lot 1 and E/2 of Lot 2 of Block 12 to the Town of Tuttle (undivided 3rd interest), SW/4 NW/4 SE/4 (SW Corner) -2 acres Long North and South-1 acre wide East and West  of Section 17-T4N-R7W, S/2 of Lot 14 of Block 14 to the Town of Rush Springs. 

Tort Claim 13-022, Craig Williamson vs. Grady County, was denied. 

The accounts for the Courthouse Capital Improvement: CCI-2-M and O and CCI-3-Capital Outlay were approved. 

The lease of Triple Rimer I-35-26XH -Section 26-T7N-R5W and Section 35-T7N-R5W with Continental Resources, Inc.-3/16 Interest was approved. 

The monthly report for the health department was approved.