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October 4, 2013

Woman furious over lawn thefts


Lois Merrell has lived in Chickasha for the past 30 years and enjoys her yard decorations, but recently some of her more prized possessions have been stolen.

Merrell is a big Betty Boop fan and was distraught when a decorative statue of Boop was stolen two weeks ago from her front porch.

“They came on my front porch and took it,” she said. “This is getting to be ridiculous. Next time I’m going to start shooting.”

She said she’s just an old country girl and can’t believe that people could just drive up the street, see something they want and come and take it.

“It’s not that these things are valuable,” she said. “They’re sentimental and it’s the principle of the matter.”

She’s elderly, lives alone and sometimes remembers her husband, who died 20 years ago, by looking at things in her front yard he’s made. About a year ago, someone stole a grey and white figurine horse that her husband made from her front yard.

Usually her three dogs, Lady, Chico and Chewy let her know when someone is on the front porch, but she said she thinks whomever is stealing items out of her front yard is doing it late at night when everyone in the household is asleep.

Merrell said she’s at the point where she’s ready to buy a gun to protect her if these thieves come on her property and try to break in next time.

She called the Chickasha Police Department the day after the incident happened but said no officers responded.

Chickasha Police Chief Eddie Adamson said during the holiday seasons like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas people steal ornamental things for whatever reason.

“Every place I’ve been for the last 20 years people have stolen things out of people’s yards,” he said. “I don’t know why, but for some reason people do this.”

Adamson said the likely culprits are kids in Merrell’s neighborhood or maybe even someone she knows.

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