July 23, 2013

BLOG: Take responsibility for our furry friends

Tiffany Martinez
The Express-Star


One of the first observations I made upon my arrival in Chickasha was the outstanding amount of stray animals. Temperatures started to quickly climb over the summer and it became more and more difficult traveling for assignments, witnessing these helpless creatures alongside so many roads. 

I was curious to know why this was such in an issue. Last week, I was able to gain some insight.

After coming across a brief comment on the *Chickasha, Ok* Buy, Sell and Trade Facebook page on Friday, I was able to come into contact with three charitable ladies who recognized the stray animal issue.

They not only recognized it, they decided to take it a step further by actually doing something about it. They shared with me that they had recently begun an organization: Friends Fur Change, targeted toward solving the stray animal issue.

By volunteering their time and efforts — and encouraging others to do so — they aimed to revitalize the animal shelter, find needy pets loving homes and attempt to work with veterinarians on spay and neutering fees.

I know this is only the beginning of their journey and they are still in the early stages of organizing, but I applaud them for venturing out from their very busy lives to try to address this growing community issue.

I hope that steps taken by these ladies will be able to educate people, and provide outlets for them, to better care for their pets.

Becoming a pet owner is agreeing to take on a huge responsibility, and it isn’t cheap. They require not only money, but also time — lots of time.

If breeding plans are not in place, spaying or neutering is the only option. The local animal shelter exceeds capacity each week with the number of homeless animals they take in. Chickasha cannot afford to have any more.

This problem will definitely take time to solve, but hopefully the mission and members of this organization will inspire more of the community to step up to the critical responsibility that comes with pet ownership.